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Puss CatsPuss Cats - Your one-stop shop for cat and kitten information including cat breeds, cat and kitten care, cat health and behavior as well as common cat problems. Browse the picture galleries for cute and funny cat and kitten pictures or view pictures of the many cat breeds.

Cat HealthCat Health - The key to keeping a healthy cat is to assess your cat's health. All your cat health questions are answered with information on how to identify common cat health problems as well as major health concerns to ensure good cat health.

There are a variety of different cat breeds. Read about the many domestic cat breeds, including the Maine Coon and Siamese cats. And view the many cat breeds pictures to see how each breed differs dramatically in coat length and overall look.


A breed is a group of domestic cats that must have distinguishing features that set it apart from all other breeds.

Breeds 2

About 40 varieties, or breeds, of domestic cats are recognized internationally. Although the various cat breeds often differ dramatically in coat length and overall look, they vary less in size than do dog breeds.

Many domestic cat breeds began as a naturally-occurring variety of domestic cats native to a specific geographic area.Others are man-made breeds, the result of generations of careful breeding for a desired look.

Cat breeds are customarily divided into two major categories - longhaired and shorthaired cats. In each of these categories, there is a variety of specific breeds.

Cat Breed Pictures and Information

Are you searching for cat breed pictures or information about a peticular cat?

Then just select the breed of cat your looking for from the list below. Here you will find interesting facts about the health, size, coat type and grooming for that particular breed.

Cat Breeds

Click the links below for further information on individual cat breeds:

Abyssinian CatsAbyssinian Cats - Learn all about the exotic-looking Abyssinian - thought to be the oldest domestic breed of cat. Abyssinian information includes breed description, history and origins, special requirements, pictures and more...

American BobtailAmerican Bobtail - American Bobtail cat breed information. View pictures of the American Bobtail and read about typical American Bobtail traits.

American Curl CatsAmerican Curl Cats - American Curl Cats information including a profile on the breed description, a brief history , American Curl cats characteristics and temperament, pictures of American Curls and more.

American ShorthairAmerican Shorthair - American Shorthair cat information, breed profile, history overview, typical American Shorthair characteristics guide, pictures and more.

American WirehairAmerican Wirehair - American Wirehair cat history, breed profile, American Wirehair characteristics and temperament, plus American Wirehair cat pictures and more...

Balinese CatBalinese Cat - Balinese cat information. The History of the Balinese cat, Balinese cat breed description, pictures of Balinese cats and more.

Birman CatsBirman Cats - Birman Cats breed profile. Information on the history of Birman cats,characteristics and temperament of the Birman, plus pictures of Birman cats and more...

British ShorthairBritish Shorthair - Information on British Shorthair Cats which come in a variety of colours. Read all about this popular breed, the history of the British Shorthair and breed description.

Burmese CatsBurmese Cats - Burmese Cats are an extremely people-orientated breed of cat. Read all about Burmese cats, their characteristics and temperament, breed description and breed history.

BurmillaBurmilla - Learn all about this firm, muscular breed of cat. Burmilla cat facts, Burmilla pictures and a variety of information on the Burmilla cat breed.

ChartreuxChartreux - Chatreux cat breed information, history of Chatreux cats, Chatreux FAQs, as well as pictures of these big blue natural breed of cat.

ChausieChausie - Information, FAQs and Pictures on the dog-like Chausie. Chausie breed description, history and origins of Chausies and more...

Cornish RexCornish Rex - Cornish Rex cat breed profile, information on typical Cornish Rex cat characteristics, Cornish Rex special needs guidance, pictures and more...

CymricCymric - Famous for being tailless, read all about this affectionate intelligent breed, typical Cymric characteristics and temperament, their origins and more...

Devon RexDevon Rex - Read all about these unusual curly haired Devon Rex cats. Devon Rex cat breed and Devon Rex history information, FAQs on Devon Rex cats and Devon Rex pictures.

Egyptian MauEgyptian Mau - The only natural spotted breed of domestic cat, the Egyptian Mau is truly a fascinating cat. Read all about this particular breed of spotted cat and view the many pictures of Egyptian Mau's.

European BurmeseEuropean Burmese - Different to the American Burmese, the European Burmese comes in ten different colours. Read all about this fascinating cat, its origins, and the temperament of the European Burmese breed.

Exotic CatsExotic Cats - Both playful and inquisitive, Exotic Cats come in shorthair and longhair varieties and in a number of colours and patterns. Read all about this adorable breed and view the many pictures of Exotic Cats.

Havana BrownHavana Brown - Learn all about the Havana Brown. The Havana Brown cat is a graceful, people-orientated cat which makes an ideal family pet.

Honeybear CatsHoneybear Cats - Honey Bear Cats. Honey Bear Cats information, FAQs, photographs of Honey Bear Cats and more...

Japanese BobtailJapanese Bobtail - The Japanese Bobtail or Temple Cat as it is otherwise known was originally a shorthair cat but today longhaired versions are now recognised for show. Read how the Japanese Bobtail originated and much more...

JavaneseJavanese - Cat breed information on the Javanese - member of the Siamese family. Read all about the history of these talkative, curious cats as well as other typical Javanese characteristics.

KoratKorat - Read all about the Korat cat - one of the oldest natural breeds of cat. Learn the history of the Korat, its origins and view the many photos.

Manx CatsManx Cats - Information on this tailess breed of cat includes the history of Manx Cats, breed description, characteristics and temperament.

Munchkin CatsMunchkin Cats - Learn all about this unusual short-legged breed of cat. Information includes the history and origins of Munchkin Cats and breed desription.

NebelungNebelung - Information on this new breed of cat includes Nebelung history, breed description, characteristics and temperament and many pictures of the Nebelung.

Norwegian Forest CatNorwegian Forest Cat - Read all about this historic breed of cat. Information includes the history of the Norwegian Forest Cat, breed description and many photos.

Pedigree cats are often more sensitive to diseases and stress, and hence, more money and time must be invested in maintaining their health and living conditions.

Cat BreedersCat Breeders - Information on cat breeders and breeding cats. Covers the evaluation of cats for breeding purposes and guidance on choosing possible mates.

Civet CatCivet Cat - Distant relative to the Felidae family of which the common domestic cat is related, the Civet Cat is not in fact a cat. Read all about this mammal, its origins and habitat.

Siamese CatsSiamese Cats - Siamese cats information guide, including a breed profile on Siamese cats, typical Siamese cat behaviour, breed history, and links to other sites about Siamese cats.

Bengal CatsBengal Cats - Thinking of getting a Bengal? Bengal house cats make loving, dependable household pets.Discover the history of the Bengal. Learn about Bengal characteristics, and things to consider when looking at Bengal Cats for sale.

Persian CatsPersian Cats - Persian Cats information including breed description, characteristics and temperament, history and origins of Persian Cats and many Persian Cats pictures.

Maine Coon CatsMaine Coon Cats - Thinking of buying a Maine Coon cat? Viewing Maine Coon cats for sale? Want to learn more about the Main Coon breed? Noted for their friendliness, Maine Coon cats make ideal pets. Read all about their temperament and characteristics and view the selection of Maine Coon cats pictures.

Calico CatsCalico Cats - Calico persian cats are almost always female. Learn why there are so few male calico cats and look at some of the beautiful calico cats pictures.

Cat Pictures BreedsCat Pictures Breeds - Looking for cat pictures? Breeds pictures on every imaginable different purebred cat and kitten breed. You'll find cat and kitten breed photos in this cat pictures breeds gallery.

Cat Breeds: Which to Choose?

Individual cat breeds vary in size, colour, hair length and temperament. Certain breeds have a reputation for being playful, for instance, while other breeds are more sedate. Some breeds tend to attach themselves to one person, while others are more family oriented.

Ask yourself if you're willing to spend the required time grooming the longhaired varieties, or whether your house is the right home for the more playful breeds. Someone who loves the look of a particular breed might consider a purebred cat. Although purebred cats tend towards particular personalities, each cat is an individual and has its own quirks.

If you decide you want a purebred cat, buy only from a cattery where you can see the queen and possibly the tom, as well as other cats and kittens that may be related. You will then be able to assess the health and personality of the cat you are interested in as well as his immediate relatives, since these traits are heritable to a certain degree.

OcicatOcicat - Although Wild-looking, the spotted Ocicat is a domesticated cat which makes an excellent family pet. Read all about this exceptional looking cat and view the many pictures of this breed.

Oriental CatsOriental Cats - Read all about these elegant, svelte cats. Information on the history of Oriental Cats, breed standards and how they are playful and inquisitive. Also view the many Oriental Cats images.

PeterbaldPeterbald - Read all about these unusual Peterbald cats. Learn about typical Peterbald characteristics and behaviour, breed profiles, and view the many pictures of this fascinating breed.

Pixie BobPixie Bob - Information on the wild-looking Pixie Bob cat including Pixie Bob breed description, history of the Pixie Bob cat, Pixie Bob pictures and more...

Ragamuffin CatsRagamuffin Cats - Learn all about Ragamuffin Cats. Described as 'the perfect pet' read about the Ragamuffin breed, their temperament, typical Ragamuffin characteristics and look at the many adorable pictures.

Russian BlueRussian Blue - Russian Blue (formerly known as Archangel or Foreign Blue) cat pictures, FAQs, breed information, Russian Blue breed origins and personality profile.

Savannah CatsSavannah Cats - Information on Savannah Cats the new spotted breed of cat. Look at the many pictures and read the Savannah Cats breed profile.

Scottish FoldScottish Fold - Scottish Fold cat breed information including breed profile and Scotish Fold history, pictures of Scottish Folds and more...

Selkirk RexSelkirk Rex - Read all about Selkirk Rex cats. Information on the Selkirk Rex breed, physical traits, personality and special breed requirements.

ServalServal - Information about the wild Serval cat including a description on Serval cats, Serval cat habitat and origins, diet and typical Serval cat hunting techniques.

Siberian CatsSiberian Cats - Information on Siberian Cats including breed profile, chacteristics and temperament, special requirements of the Siberian cat breed, pictures and much more.

Singapura CatsSingapura Cats - Singapura Cats pictures, facts, breed information and breed history as well as typical Singapura Cat characteristics and temperament profile.

Snowshoe CatSnowshoe Cat - Snowshoe Cat physical description, breed history, personality profile, pictures and other information on the Snowshoe cat breed.

Somali CatsSomali Cats - Extensive information and FAQs about Somali Cats including Somali Cats breed description, breed history and origins and Somali Cats pictures.

Sphynx CatsSphynx Cats - Sphynx Cats breed guide, Sphynx Cats description, characteristics and temperament, pictures of Sphynx Cats and more...

Tonkinese CatsTonkinese Cats - Tonkinese Cats. Tonkinese Cats information, Tonkinese Cats breed desription, history and origins of Tonkinese Cats, chracteristics and temperament, pictures and more...

Turkish Angora CatsTurkish Angora Cats - Turkish Angora Cats breed guide and information. An overview of typical Turkish Angora Cats physical appearance, characteristics and temperament.

Turkish Van CatsTurkish Van Cats - Online source of information and pictures of Turkish Van Cats including Turkish Van breed description, history and typical chracteristics of the Turkish Van.

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